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We offer customized learning experiences to increase your understanding, skills and confidence in mountain biking.



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Our Coaches are PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association) trained and certified. 

Course curriculum and terminology is based on PMBIA Global Industry Standards. You will benefit from the same standards whether you engage Floow or any PMBIA instructor in Canada, America or New Zealand. 


Christina Teh


Coach Chris is a veteran mountain biker - Her passion for mountain biking and outdoor adventure has brought her to New Zealand -Queenstown, Rotorua, USA-Seattle, Santa Cruz, Tahoe, Crested Butte, Moab, North Vancouver, Whistler, Italy - Finale Ligure, Switzerland - Verbier & Zermatt, Austria - Solden.

Her personal experiences coupled with natural coaching skills will propel your riding abilities to new levels. Face new challenges with confidence and be empowered with new skills while having fun in a safe environment.

Chris's Philosophy - Mountain biking has changed the way I live life. It's as mentally challenging as it is physically. To mountain bike is to be present, fear less, live more. Let's ride! 


Coach Ming has been involved in various aspects of the sport since his youth. A regular at the local races - first as a Competitor, and in recent years as a National MTB Commissaire , officiating at several races each year.

Having spent his working life in project management and corporate, he very much enjoys this fulfilling life of coaching Mountain Biking skills & seeing the breakthoughs. Experienced with bicycle mechanics (trust him, he's an engineer), he also conducts courses for MTB maintenance. 


 In The Floow

Our Philosophy     -   
A Trail   of   SPICE 
S   -  Share our knowledge and skills
P   -  ignite your Passion in mountain biking
I       -  to Inspire others
C   -  to build Camaraderie
E       -  Empower every rider

We are the only Mountain Bike Skills Instruction company in Singapore with a professionally certified female coach. 


Our Floow programmes are specifically tailored to each rider's needs by skilled and supportive coaches to ensure progressive learning in a safe and fun environment.

Chris has good success empowering female riders with the skills and competence to ride with confidence.

Kids Camps held during the holidays have been enjoyable for the kids and ourselves, with kids coming back for progression rides. They did so well in the recent Kids race series too! Proud of them! 

Did we mention that we coach kids of all ages? We've got several men in their 50's and 60's hooked on riding, after realising how safe MTBing can be with the right techniques!



Alyssa Matheson

I started having lessons with Chris in preparation for a 6 day MTB endurance race I had entered with my husband in a moment of madness! I was keen to improve my technical skills so that I could put my best foot forward for the event.    

Chris has been an amazing coach. Her ability to communicate technical information in an easy to understand way and her step-by-step approach to skill development gives you confidence to try new thing and challenge yourself. Importantly for me, she is very patient and calming. This together with her passion for coaching and her ability to have fun made her lessons fantastic!

Thank you Chris for being so dedicated - I have loved every minute of our lessons. I highly recommend speaking to Chris if you are interested 

in learning to ride in a very safe and enjoyable environment. 

Grace  Chan

I am privileged and thankful for Chris's coaching. She goes the extra mile to ensure that fundamental skills and techniques are clearly and systematically imparted.   

Her emphasis on self awareness and correcting old habits through proper bike techniques and body position has deepened my understanding resulting in improved bike handling skills. Diligent practice has boosted my confidence to overcome fears and conquer challenging terrain.

Chris is a patient coach. Her love and passion for mountain biking is contagious! Her classes have been an exhilarating experience to discovering the beauty of this sport!

Rachel Charis Ng

Chris has a solution for every problem I encounter on the trails and she's constantly engaging me with utmost empathy. The past few months of learning from her has been life-changing, empowering and most inspiring! 

She has taught me to focus mentally on the skills I learnt and this has helped me overcome many fears and mental blocks. I apply these mental skills in life and other sports. 

Riding any trail feature is possible with progressive, safe instruction, I highly recommend classes with Chris.

Matthew Qwah & Joyce Chen

We are the park connector riders, we were intimidated by the trails. 

After lessons with Chris, we are equipped  with knowledge and better techniques that help maximize our fun times whilst minimizing  the  risk of injury. 

Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy serenity of nature and thumping adrenaline both rolled into one.  We would strongly encourage an introductory class with Chris before attempting a Gangsa Gangsta at Chestnut! And it's also a great couple sport!



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