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We offer customized learning experiences to
increase your understanding, skills and confidence
in mountain biking.



MTB Rides

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Floow To The Next Level  

Our Coaches are PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association) trained and certified. 

Course curriculum and terminology are based on PMBIA Global Industry Standards.


You will benefit from the same technical standards whether you engage Floow MTB or any PMBIA instructor in Canada, the USA, Australia or New Zealand. 

The PMBI Certifications are the most widely available and recognized certifications courses in the world today. The PMBI Association has established itself as the industry standard

Our Team

Christina Teh


Coach Chris is a veteran mountain biker - Her passion for mountain biking and outdoor adventure has brought her to New Zealand -Queenstown, Rotorua, USA-Seattle, Santa Cruz, Tahoe, Crested Butte, Moab, North Vancouver, Whistler, Italy - Finale Ligure, Switzerland - Verbier & Zermatt, Austria - Solden.

Her personal experiences coupled with natural coaching skills will propel your riding abilities to new levels. Face new challenges with confidence and be empowered with new skills while having fun in a safe environment.

Chris's Philosophy - Mountain biking has changed the way I live life. It's as mentally challenging as it is physically. To mountain bike is to be present, fear less, live more. Let's ride! 



Coach Ming has been involved in various aspects of the sport since his youth. A regular at the local races - first as a Competitor, and in recent years as a National MTB Commissaire , officiating at local races.

Having spent his working life in project management and corporate, he very much enjoys this fulfilling life of coaching Mountain Biking skills & helping clients breakthough their mental barriers.

Experienced with bicycle mechanics (trust him, he's an engineer), he will help you check & set up your equipment so you get the most out of your equipment each session.


He also conducts courses for MTB maintenance at BikeSchool Asia. 


 In The Floow

Our Philosophy     -   A Trail   of   SPICE 

S   -  Share our knowledge and skills
P   -  ignite your Passion in mountain biking
     -  to Inspire others
C   -  to  build  Camaraderie
     -  Empower every rider

We are the only Mountain Bike Skills Instruction company in Singapore with a professionally certified female coach. 


Our Floow programmes are specifically tailored to each rider's needs to ensure progressive learning in a safe and fun environment. You will progress through the fundamentals, starting from something as basic as foot position on the pedals, building up a strong foundation from the start. 

Coach Chris has good success empowering female riders with the skills and competence to ride with confidence. Rest assured she will push you to be your best.

Coach Ming brings new and intermediate riders back to fundamentals and helps them progress with the correct techniques. He loves helping clients level up on their MTB journey.

Kids Camps held during the holidays have been enjoyable for the kids and ourselves, with kids coming back for progression rides. They did so well in the Jungle Cross Kids race series too, with multiple podiums! Proud of them! 

Did we mention that we coach kids of all ages? We've got clients in their 50's and 60's hooked on riding, after realising how safe MTBing can be with the right techniques!


It means so much to us when we can help you progress in your Mountain Biking lifestyle.   
Thank you for your reviews!

Elsie Ching

Thanks for your patience, encouragement and great coaching... I became from someone who was afraid of riding even on flat ground to one who can now ride T15!   Though still lots of room for improvement, I can, like you say, tell myself how far I've come! And all thanks to you!

Couldn't have found a better coach! 

Aslinda Adbdullah

Floow Kids Foundation skills camp has been a truly impactful experience for my boys Azel (9) and Azil (7).  Although the boys had some exposure to trail riding with us parents, the structured and progressive skills and techniques that Floow imparted made them more aware of the fine motor skills that is required when riding. Most importantly, they understand how to ride safely! 

Azel and Azil are now significantly more confident to venture into more difficult terrain, applying what they have learnt. In addition, the three days experience have allowed them to forge closer relationships with other fellow riders. 

This holistically positive experience has brought them to a new level of MTB riding and their interest in the sport has deepened. We are indeed grateful to the dedicated coaches Chris, Ming and May for their outstanding contribution to the development of our boys. We appreciate you.

WeiQiang Tan

Mountain biking is a sport that requires a firm and strong foundation. My son, Elliot showed a keen interest in the sport so I decided to sign him up for the Floow Foundation skills camp

Throughout the camp I could see the progression in confidence and skill in my son and all the other kids there. Their strong body position allowed them to ride the trails confidently and safely on days 2 & 3. Safe to say he learnt far more than what I already know.

Thanks coach Ming, Chris & May. I now have a new riding buddy, my dearest son! 

Eli Lie

The 3 days Kids Foundation Skills Camp with FloowMTB under Chris, Ming & May has been tremendous fun for my son Ellison age 8. He is much more confident now, the skills acquired is useful not only for Mountain Biking but also general cycling on the roads.  Kids benefit more through proper structured coaching as they tend to listen more to coaches.


Floow team has been very patient coaching the children and a lot of focus is placed on correct techniques which results in safety when they ride. eg. Place technique for roll downs. 

The last day for the kids cycling T15 trail has been a finale, they were exhausted but they definitely had fun! 

Thanks much again Team Floow.

Sufi & Siti

A shout out to coach Chris for your detailed and outstanding coaching.


A patient coach who kept on motivating us to believe in ourselves. We gained trust and achieved control of our bikes through proper riding position.  Reinforcing the right techniques with lots of practise through the session helped us apply it with confidence and it works! 

Not forgetting to Ming, for sharing your valuable knowledge on the bike settings. Awesome Bro!

We highly recommend FloowMTB  for their passion in MTB coaching!


Chris is very patient and is very detailed in her teaching.


She is very encouraging and is always so composed. Rain or shine she can work her magic! My lessons with her were wonderful and with her guidance, I managed to clear the rocky gardens and technical climbs in BT!

I highly recommend her and Ming to anyone who needs to learn or unlearn the foundation skills or even to hone your skills!
Thank you so much Chris! I had a wonderful time during class! 


Thankfully I found Floow MTB. Game. Changer.


I was scared! I usually ended up walking the trails while taking in the scenery.

They’ve basically helped me turn pro in 3 Sessions - well that’s what my boyfriend says…Each session was catered exactly to what I needed. Their patience, calm demeanor, professionalism and dedication were exemplary. Their passion for mountain biking and the genuine enthusiasm they have when sharing their knowledge has honestly made all the difference. They really go above and beyond to ensure you are having fun and improving.


I can now ride the trails with a smile on my face not a grimace and my exhaustion now comes from exhilaration not from fear. Thank you!! (And for the food recommendations).

Daire Dunne

I have gotten to know Chris and Ming very well over the past 2yrs.


They have been part of our Mountain Biking journey from complete beginners to competing in local events.


I cannot speak highly enough of their passion, patience and commitment not to mention their skills on the bike. They have been a terrific support to the kids and I, also helping us select new bikes as we upgraded along the way. We have biked every trail in Singapore with them multiple times and are looking forward to going out with them soon again.

Alexios Iliopoulos

... The drills and exercises helped me focus on staying centered on the bike and resonated with every technique I heard to date and believed it to be more valid. More so, practising and comparing the different approaches gave me the validation and confidence I needed to apply them on the trail and see results on the very first day. With every hour that went by I felt the confidence increase and despite the time elapsed I had more motivation and energy than ever. The numerous videos taken helped me to pin point subtle mistakes I didn’t even knew I was making, and when I got it right also made for some amazing videos and photos to brag about! 

After a month of applying the skills I learned from my first session I decided to book a second one. Riding the wave of confidence I was able to solve several issues I had with some double diamond features, through solid advice and demonstration. By the end of the second session, I was confident enough to simply follow Ming through lines and sections I’ve never taken (or even seen) before but trust that if I follow the line and pace and stick to the correct technique, I will make it, which I did! 


Alyssa Matheson

I started having lessons with Chris in preparation for a 6 day MTB endurance race I had entered with my husband in a moment of madness! I was keen to improve my technical skills so that I could put my best foot forward for the event.    

Chris has been an amazing coach. Her ability to communicate technical information in an easy to understand way and her step-by-step approach to skill development gives you confidence to try new thing and challenge yourself. Importantly for me, she is very patient and calming. This together with her passion for coaching and her ability to have fun made her lessons fantastic!

Thank you Chris for being so dedicated - I have loved every minute of our lessons. I highly recommend speaking to Chris if you are interested in learning to ride in a very safe and enjoyable environment. 

Keri Low

We sent our boys, aged 7 and 9 to the Floow MTB camp and was impressed by the professionalism and passion displayed by the coaches, Ming and Christina. They were genuinely passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience and successfully infected the little riders with the MTB ‘bug’.


Under their guidance, I was assured that the little ones were in good hands, focusing on their riding foundation, building their confidence while empowering them to achieve what they thought they could not, such as riding down steps or on rocky terrain within a short span of the 3 day camp. Their patience in explaining the concepts to the children while keeping it light hearted helped in the retention of what was taught.


So thankful to have found Floow, and the opportunity to expose our boys to a unique and wonderful sport that builds their resilience, confidence, fitness and strength! We as parents were also inspired and bitten by the MTB bug after witnessing their joy and progress after the camp!

Matthew Qwah & Joyce Chen


We are the park connector riders, we were intimidated by the trails. After lessons with Chris, we are equipped  with knowledge and better techniques that help maximize our fun times whilst minimizing  the  risk of injury. 

Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy serenity of nature and thumping adrenaline both rolled into one.  We would strongly encourage an introductory class with Chris before attempting a Gangsa Gangsta at Chestnut! And it's also a great couple sport!



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